Monday, April 18, 2005

No Catchy Title

i liked the way you looked
coming in with the sunshine, white t-shirt on
you brought in fresh promises of the unknown
to a dark and lonely place
i could see my own reflection in your sunglasses
and your hair caught the light, just so
i tried in vain to cover up your darkness
you were the ultimate paradox
and for a while i thought i wanted you
you held light in your hands but straining to see, i caught a glimpse of carefully concealed black
so i struggle to be content
waiting for the promise
choosing not to walk in your direction
i can feel something strong coming alive in me
god is so faithful

I apogologise for my lengthy rant from yesterday. too much annie, too much!


betha_boo 12:40 PM  

I love it. I love that it made me think you are pondering a relationship. I dont think that is what you were alluding to. but all things are possible. God is faithful...and likened to ice cream.

see you soon.