Thursday, April 21, 2005

The O.C.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaa ... I just watched the OC. Good show! A little odd sometimes... but solid! The ending left me hanging, of course.... Ryan and Marissa... did they do it, did they NOT do it? Are they going to do it if they haven't yet? I sort of thought they would have by now... but they certainly hinted that they were going to.... yup... and, oh, Seth and Summer. WHEN will you grow up? When are you just going to decide that you're soulmates? Because you ARE soulmates, just so immature.


This morning I woke up, sat up, looked down, and promptly noticed an earwig sitting calmly at the edge of my mattress. I then jumped out of bed, grabbed the nearest shoe, and viciously smashed the earwig to death. Even though it is now dead I will forever be worrying that there are more where that one came from. Creepy.

The most retarded thing happened today. This magazine marketing company called the office where I work, and I happened to be the one to pick up the phone at the time. After a 3 minute speal I got sucked into the most stupid, drawn-out scam. In the end I signed up for 5 magazine subscriptions, which involved the magazine people actually COMING DOWN TO WHERE I WORK so I could give them a cheque for $30.00, and to sign all these contract forms. And all because I was too polite to say "no thank you" on the phone. So it looks like I'll be getting piles and piles of Chatelaine, Flare, Seventeen, Photo Life and Canadian Living for the next 3 years.

Sigh..... Am I alone in thinking that the lyrics in "Cats in the Cradle" (by Cat Stevens) are the most sad, tear-inducing lyrics ever? I actually, literally feel like crying every time I hear that song. Sigh.

Well I should get going... actually ... I just have nothing else to say. Ok!


betha_boo 10:27 PM  

I know the feeling...having nothing left to say. It sucks, cuz everything in you wishes that there was something...anything...

Anyway. I am afraid to watch the oc now. I have just missed out on SO much. I need to finish watching the first season. I want to. I was going to watch it tonight, but I just was not home. I looks like it has gotten REALLY sketchy though. hmmm...

I emailed the dan. it is still pending. the chances of getting a reply will not speak that over our friendship.

kay...peace out (like jonny nash)

Anonymous 11:43 PM  

Hey Ann! Wouldn't it be nice if you married a guy named Gilbert? Cause then you could be like "Ann and Gil" from that Green Gables movie. Just one problem: Gilbert is prolly the ugliest name of ALL TIME.

Anyway, I really like your blog, and find you to be pretty damn funny! =) That's a shame about the scam. Maybe you can turn around and scam your friends by like selling them the magazines or what not? No? Ok then.

I'm gonna go eat my dinner and watch Starsky and Hutch. I havn't seen it yet and I hope its GOOD!

betha_boo 9:58 AM  

yeah, that would be such a good idea...if your name was ANN!

gosh people...i mean...sarah.

love you

notorphanannie 4:29 PM  

he he, it's true... my name is annie... but i do often get called "ann" or "anna" or sometimes even "amy"... and i never really mind it. i like the variety.

sometimes people compare me to ann of green gables, but mostly, i get compared to little orphan annie... hence my blog name. it sucks! (being compared to orphan annie)

but it's all good in the end. thanks for commenting on my blog sarah!

The Ken 4:42 AM  

OK, so I realize you posted this months ago and I'm commenting now so that's a bit odd. Anyway, I wanted to point out that with regard to the "Cat's in the cradle" song you're not alone in your lament. There was an episode of The Simpsons where Homer was calling up some kind of National Fatherhood Institute because he was the worst dad in the world. While he was on hold that song was playing and he started to cry while listening to it.

OK, so that's a fictional cartoon character I just used to justify your sadness but I'm sure there are real people that feel the same.

- K