Thursday, June 14, 2007

A few arbitrary thangs!

I have a few things I actually planned on blogging about today. Hmmmmm, yes... I DO actually plan my blogs, occasionally. Strange. Yes?


1) So, in the office where I work we have a staff entrance and a patients' entrance, 2 totally separate doors. We always use the staff entrance, which is at the back of the office, for everything including going out for lunch, getting mail, going to use the washroom. The handle of the door locks and we always leave it unlocked when we leave the office for any reason so we can get back in without taking our keys with us. Sometimes we accidently lock each other out when we notice the handle is unlocked because we don't realize someone is out of the office (we quite often forget to lock the door behind us when we come back in). When this happens the locked-out staff member has to use the patients' entrance to get back in, causing them to have to walk through the tiny waiting room in front of all the crammed-in and waiting patients. We call this THE WALK OF SHAME. We all think it is incredibly hilarious when this happens and giggle hysterically at the shamed staff member as they trudge through the office back to their desk. Heeeee hee hee hee hee. This exact thing happened to Heather today and I laughed for probably a full minute and then realized I had to blog about it.

2) As you may have noticed from my last post, I BOUGHT CROCS. I've been pondering notoriously ugly footwear lately because of my recent venture into it. If Crocs are so bad, why do people accept Birkenstocks so easily? Val and I were discussing the non-aestheticness of Birks. They are highly comfortable but not particularly flattering. I own these ones:

(Sorry..... rather hard to see, but I'm sure you get the point)

While wearing these shoes I have received these actual comments from people; "Nice JESUS SHOES", "I like your LESBIAN SANDLES", "ooh, TACKY!" and "Nice DIRTY HIPPIE shoes". All these comments aside, many MANY people wear these shoes. MANY. Almost everyone I know, in fact. And the people who don't own them actually want them. I am thinking that the same phenomenon may one day occur with Crocs? Maybe....?!

3. Funny thing. I haven't done this until a few months ago but it has come to my attention that adding an apostrophe and an "s" at the end of a guy's name, and then adding his last name, is HIGHLY FUNNY.

My brain can't not do this now whenever I hear a guy's first and last name. It all started for me with this: "Luke's Allen" (thanks to the "S" already being in place due to the middle name that starts with an "S"). Some other examples:

Jordan's Roy.

Ian's Matheson.

Kevin's Bacon.

Hugh's Jackman.

Orlando's Bloom.

Elijah's Wood.


Anyone have other funny ones to add?


Mandie 6:44 PM  

Oh, this is fantastic.
Josh's Bast (my brother)
Tom's Cruise
Zach's Braff
Tony's Danza
Jack's Bauer.
Patrick's Swayze
Wayne's Gretzky
Michael's Jordan
Al's Pachino
Jerry's Seinfeld
and...I saved my favourite for you remember the guy from bodybreak?
Hal's Johnson

Annie 6:48 PM  

HAHA.... my favourite is "Zach's Braff". Or "Wayne's Gretzky"....

BODY BREAK! With Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod!! And the token disabled person in a wheelchair...! Have you ever noticed that?

Sonya 1:29 AM  

ROFLMAO!! Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod. Does anyone ever take them seriously??

How about:
Heath's Ledger
Brad's Pitt
Don's Cheadle
Will's Smith
Bob's Barker
George's Clooney

Annie 1:51 AM  



Arnold's Schwarzenegger: also priceless.

Dorothea 9:35 AM  

Luke's middle name starts with "S"? hmmm I wonder what it is. Stephen? Samuel? Sheldon? Stanley?!!
or maybe secretly it's Stella?

Mary Anne 4:00 PM  

Elijah's Wood is my favourite! that's freaking hilarious!

Sonya 12:17 PM  

Ok, I was sitting around last night and came up with 2 more that simultaneously made me laugh and cringe:

George's Bush
Al's Gore

Annie 12:28 PM  

Sonya, you are UNBELIEVABLE!!

Sonya 8:28 PM  

You have corrupted me Annie. It's all your fault. ;)

luke 2:40 PM  


my favourite is elijah's wood... uhhh....

also, yeah i'm going to have to say that i think birkenstocks might fall into the same category as crocs.

luke 11:35 PM  

today i realized another one:

bruce's cockburn

it's funnier if you read it though.