Monday, June 25, 2007


Uh, yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me, but today I've been INCREDIBLY distracted. Like, I walked into desks a lot at work. I forgot what I was doing a lot. I would walk across the room and have to stand there for a minute trying to figure it out. A couple times I got the giggles with Heather about really lame stuff and couldn't answer the phone because the giggling danger was too high. And I was TIRED! I had a lot of coffee today. It helped a bit. And tasted good. So that was super. Good old coffee.

Something completely unrelated: don't you HATE IT when you're typing and you try and press 'enter', but instead of hitting 'enter' you accidently hit another weird key, like 'alt', and the cursor disappears and all of a sudden the 'file' thingy at the top of the page is high-lighted and you have to stop what you're doing and physically un-click it?? I KNOW I DO. I keep doing it. And I have no idea how I accidently hit 'alt' when 'enter' is wayyyy across the keyboard. I really think this keyboard has a poltergeist and might possibly be possessed.

Ha haaaaa... I am reminded right now of when I was in high school and had to pick my electives for grade 10. An option on the sheet I got was "Keyboarding". I thought this meant "learning to play the keyboard", so I joined the class. You would not believe the depth of my confusion when I showed up for class on the first day and found out it was in a computer lab. I was like.... "where are all the keyboards?" ... Aaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahaha.

Also, another funny typing thing I've noticed is when people make a word lonnnnggggger to stress the emphasis in order to be dramatic. This isn't usually necessarily FUNNY, but when you're trying to stretch out a word that already has 2 of that letter anyway, it gets confusing. Some examples:

"Good" becomes "Gooooooooooooooood"..... which could be confused as saying "God".

"Shoot" becomes "Shoooooooooooooooot"...... which could be "Shot"...... weird, right?!

Also, it gets funny when people stretch out a word but repeat the wrong letter. Example:

"Goddddddddddddddd" (God) would sound to me like, "Gaw-did-did-did-did-did-did-did", which is incredibly awkward to say.

But yes, I find stuff like this funny and entertaining.

I am hungry .... and thirsty..... and TIRED...... so I am going to stop this post.


Anonymous 1:49 AM  

I made a post. Just for you Annie. You should check it out.

Anonymous 12:48 PM  

Haha, yes. Prime example of multiple letters in words to emphasize in the comments on my blog. :) It, too, makes me haaappyyy. Haha.

Claire 3:23 AM  

Ahahahhah...that was funny. Maybe you're pregnant. That's why you're clumsy. Actually, that's totally what it is. Very likely.
Yup. That's my professional opinion. So it's right.
And that keyboarding story was hilare.

Annie 11:25 AM  

Wow, if I'm pregnant, it must have been the SECOND 'Immaculate Conception' ever! The catholics will want to know about this! I'll have to start making some phone calls to get on the 'saint' waiting list.

dearbethany 2:40 PM  

maybe you're preggy.

oh shit...i just read that that other girl said the same thing...

well...this is your second confirmation...all you need is one more and its GODDDDDD.

Annie 4:29 PM  

HAHAHAHA .... oh bethany. i love that.

luke 6:03 PM  

haha that keyboarding story is amazing!!! how sweet would a musical keyboarding class be though?!