Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This post is in honour of Amanda, who just posted the best Facebook album EVER: Pictures of funny signs/store names/etc. she has encountered in the past. It made me realize that I, too, have encountered some pretty funny stuff in my travels. Since I didn't want to full-out copy her and post my own Facebook album I thought I would just post some of my pictures on here.

I didn't know Jesus was a nurse! I wonder which union he belonged to?

Only in Virginia. This was at a gas station/diner in the middle of nowhere.

Look veeeeery closely. What word is that?!!

Innocent little Dani.

"I've got the sheetz"

I am soooo glad to hear that your machine works, Donald. I'll make sure to tell all the ladies.
(This is in BC. Every time my family drove by we would all go, "WOOOOO!! YEAH, DONALD!"

Miiiiiiniii wheats-wheats-wheats... na na na-na na na naaaa...

"Hey guise!" (guys, said in a lispy/homosexual way)
This is all I could find at the mo'.


Mandie 12:50 PM  

this was fantastic.

dearbethany 2:42 PM  

i like the guise one...cuz i could picture you saying it.

Dorothea 4:09 PM  

oh I love that mini wheats song.
It's soooo good. Just as long as it doesn't come on on the radio while I'm driving. I can't ever concentrate on driving anymore, coz I have to sing along and do a little dance.

luke 6:05 PM  

haha gold

also, don't forget "kysio called" (it was on your hand in the mini-wheats picture..) hopefully they haven't been waiting by the phone too long!

Annie 6:15 PM  

hahah, it's RYSIO..... and if I remember correctly I did pass the message along! If not, he's probably SO t-o'd at Ian right now for not getting back to him.

Sonya 9:48 AM  

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the mini-wheats song and whenever it comes on, and I'm home alone, I rewind the commercial and watch it again. I know. I need help. My kids hate the song, so I sing it to them sometimes to annoy them. Mwahahaha...

Dorothea 3:55 PM  

My little story takes place on a tropical villa

I fell in love with a flavour, yes it was vanilla

Mini.......wheats wheats wheats I want the vanilla for so long

Mini wheats wheats wheats its high in fiber you can't go wrong

Vanilla flavour mixed with wheat put em together you cant be beat

Vanilla flavour mixed with wheat tastes so good, what a treat.