Monday, June 18, 2007

To well-up or to giggle? That is the question.

Claire.... I think you're right. Maybe I AM a cry-er. Or at least, maybe I am becoming one. I am slightly ashamed.

Things that have recently made Annie fight back tears:

1. Hearing that Holly is not having ONE baby, but TWO. Twin boys!
2. Seeing the matching baby clothes for Holly's not-yet-born twin boys.
3. Hearing that Holly is using alliteration when naming her twin boys. Samuel and Simon. Annie is a big fan of name alliteration!
4. Seeing the pictures on Claire's blog of Filipino newborns.
5. Thinking about how cool the 2010 Olympics will be.
6. Switchfoot song: "Dare you to move".......... that's for you, Dorothea! And in my defense it was a song that my friends walked down the aisle to at their wedding so it is that association that made me fight back tears!
7. Seeing Keith Richards appear on the screen in the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie. He did so well. Just SO well.

Okay, I'm going to stop with this list. It is getting a bit... too pathetic. I will now counteract the pathetic-ness of the previous list with this list:

Things that have recently made Annie laugh hysterically:

1. The movie "Just Friends". The Ashlee-Simpson-esque character is HILARIOUS.
2. Ariane saying this over and over again: "I'm gonna go home....... shave my arms..... shave my feet.... put some bandaids on there..... FEELS LIKE PAIN"
3. Seeing George Michael dig a hold in the back yard at my parents' house, stick his arms wayyyyy down the hole for no reason and just sit there, looking around.
4. Ariane, loudly, while coming out of the Woodstock Sobey's: "You know what would suck? .......(long pause)...................... Living in Woodstock."
5. Saying "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" after just about everything anyone says.
6. The clip from the movie Spinal Tap that I posted on here a couple days ago.
7. SNL. "Dick in a Box". Enough said.
8. The Peter Sarsgaard pirate skit from SNL.

I think that instead of listing those skits I shall post them on here pretty much immediately.


Dorothea 10:14 AM  

I love "Dare you to move". I am already fighting back tears just reading your post. That is a perfect song for a wedding. Perfect!

PS: Your cat cracks me up! I gotta spend some more time with him.

Annie 5:10 PM  

haha, yes, you SHOULD spend more time with george michael. he's a fun guy. er, cat.

Claire 6:44 PM  

Oh I liked those lists. Very funny and not too pathetic.
See, my theory is that people who tend to be less emotional than would be expected are just the opposite--like me. I tend to be more cold because I'm acutally bursting with feelings.
I'm not sure if you relate or not--that's just my theory.
George Michael is funny. Remember when he used to terrorize me? Those were the days.

Annie 9:08 PM  

Claire, I think I absolutely agree with you. I tend to see myself as a less emotional person and I think I have even kind of judged others for crying for no reason. Probably because it seems weak, or even POINTLESS, know what I mean? Like, crying doesn't accomplish anything except for leading other people to accuse you of being manipulative in arguments. But now that I'm realizing that I'm a little bit more of a cryer than I thought... I'm realizing that I am definitely brimming with emotion a LOT of the time, even during those 'unemotional' times when I was judging cryers for crying. Egad.