Thursday, July 05, 2007

My mom is a painter.

Go check out her blog.

She does watercolour.... a lot of flowers, but others as well.... don't let me explain it, check it out for yourself at:

Cynthia Paints

In other news, I am on vacation. I get a week off. So far I have hung out in Woodstock .... which included going to London, buying gluten free buns and CARROT CAKE (ridiculously good!) and taking one of the buns to Wendy's, where I ate a classic single with cheese on the gluten free bun. It was.... incredible. Simply amazing. I didn't think it would be possible ever again and it WAS. Left Woodstock last night.... Mom accidently fed me gluten for dinner (beer was the 'secret ingredient' in the meat and veggies) ... and now I am back in Hamilton, looking for summery stuff to do.

I might go for a walk.


Dorothea 1:44 PM  

That's awesome you have time off. Maybe we can finally go go-carting with Luke. I think he said he was free next week. So looking forward to it.

Annie 1:46 PM  

Yeah, he mentioned that! Sounds fun!! Where is there gokarting in the area?

Dorothea 1:48 PM  

On Barton St close to Dofasco.

By the way I checked out your mom's paintings, they are gorgeous. Especially George Michael.

Sonya 9:09 PM  

Your mom's paintings are unbelievable! You really must tell her to enable the comments though. I'd love to compliment her directly. :)

Annie 9:45 PM  

She doesn't understand the Internet very well.... let alone Blogger. :) She didn't know her own blog's address and I had to hunt it down myself.... when I talk to her next I'll tell her to activate comments! I might have to help her..... :D