Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today is a Guinea Pig day.

Why? Because I have a neck headache, and long talks with Sharon have led me to plan for a day like this by purchasing muscle relaxants. Today I'm testing them out on myself. I took 2 this morning and so far all they've done is make my stomach SICK ... it feels like one giant knot. Hopefully they work eventually. In the meantime a-chiropractoring I will go. Well, a week from today anyway, but hopefully that visit prevents more days like this in the future.

Last week I ended up getting a haircut... a lot shorter, kind of a shoulder-length bob, to be worn straight. I also dyed it a nice rich brown. I have yet to post pictures because, though I like the cut, I'm a bit undecided about how I feel about the bangs. I've never really had bangs before, and I'm not really 'gelling' with them very well. Ha-ha. Get it? Gelling... hair gel.... ahhhhhhh haha. Sorry.

One thing I've noticed about dramatic haircuts is that people are never quite sure what to say to you when they see you. I've had a couple people say they really like my new hair, but the most common reaction I seem to get is, "You got a haircut!!!!............", (pause pause pause pause pause). I almost want to say, "SOOOO, what do you think?", but then the person is put in an awkward position if they don't like it.

Oh well. I like it. :)


Sonya 11:17 PM  

I can't wait to see a pic of your new cut. I bet it looks great!

Anonymous 1:19 AM  

Annnieeeeee ... did you not get anywhere in our long conversations to take ONE not two? haha.

Try with one, honestly. And take it with a Tylenol b/c it's the same painkilling ingredient. Then you won't feel ill.

Have you tried the hot shower/bath thing?

Oh! and very excited to see this hair. Mine was particularly curly for no apparent reason today.

Annie 7:31 AM  

Haha... there's no way ONE would help me! I've tried robaxicet before.... nothing. Same with Tylenol. These are the type of headaches that medication does not touch. I've taken prescription painkillers before with no result. I hoped this time the combination of heat on my neck etc. and muscle relaxants would do the trick. After work I bought muscle relaxants with ibuprofen in them and by the end of the day my headache was gone, and usually my headaches last 2 days, so it's a start. Plus I'm happy about going to the chiropractor next week :)