Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby, baby and more baby

I haven't posted in awhile so I figured it must be time to dust this blog off and write something!

I'm well into my third trimester now; I'm at 32 weeks and a few days which brings the due date countdown to less than two months to go. The pregnancy has been a pretty easy one. I haven't had much to complain about, other than a bit of hip pain that lasted for a month or so but went away on its own, so that is pretty remarkable. The one thing I could do without is the massive weight gain but I suppose that a) it's normal in pregnancy, and b) any EXCESSIVE weight gain is all my fault so I have no one to blame but myself!

I had to be tested for gestational diabetes because I gained a lot of weight in a short period of time but my tests came back negative so everything is okay there. I attribute the weight gain to all the sugar I've been eating. And all the junk food. And regular food in large quantities. And candy. Apparently I need to be careful about sugar because the more sugar I eat the bigger my baby will be. The last thing I want to do is push out a giant Monster Baby. I'm trying to limit my sugar intake, which is very VERY difficult for me to do, as I'm sure you are well aware (if you know me). My excuse is that we just had thanksgiving and there was much pie to be consumed. It was basically my duty to consume pie and not hurt various family member's feelings. That is the only reason I ate so much pie. Anyway, the sugar party is over and I'm back to limiting my refined sugars as much as possible - wish me luck!

We have finally decided on a name for our little guy! It is................... top secret. I accidently let it slip to my dad and brother so I'm doing my best to keep it under wraps as much as I can from now on. My dad liked it and my brother promptly made fun of it.
It is much easier said than done for me to keep it a secret ... I WANT to tell people the name because I'm so excited, and I find it hard to keep exciting things quiet, but I've been reminding myself that not everyone will share my enthusiasm for the name. Some people don't realize they need to keep their opinions to themselves. I learned this early on when Luke and I started talking about different names we liked. I made the mistake of telling a few people some of our name ideas and I got various reactions, most notably "... Uh NO, you don't want to name your son that. He'll hate you for life!" ... I think this person was over-reacting and I still quite like the name I had mentioned (even though it was eventually nixed from the list), but I learned my lesson and learned it good - if I don't want people telling me my name ideas are bad, I won't tell them the name until AFTER the baby is born. Then if they hate the name all they can do is gossip about it and I am none the wiser which is perfectly fine with me.

Now that I'm into my third trimester I've been encountering a few issues which come with the territory. I'm finding it hard to walk up and down stairs, I have to pee ALL the time, my ribs ache unless I'm lying on my right side or standing up, and I can only breathe at night if I'm lying on my left side. Also I keep forgetting I have a belly so I've been walking into counters and tables. Once at work I walked into the fax machine in front of a patient and she pretended not to notice because I think she felt bad for me. Some people are very nice!

Other people are big mean jerks. Mostly the people who tell me that I MUST be due "any day now" and refuse to believe me when I tell them I still have two more months to go. I honestly didn't think I was that big until I started getting comments, mostly from complete strangers or patients at work. It's funny what people think they can say to me just because I am pregnant. Luckily I seem to be giving off enough hostile vibes to prevent these people from grabbing my stomach. The line has to be drawn somewhere!

I'll try and blog more before this bebe is born.

Oh, we found out we're having a boy. If it wasn't obvious from this post.


S. Michelle 8:58 PM  

How about tell us names you AREN'T naming him. ;) That's not letting the secret name slip. And honestly, you only look pregnant in your belly ... I'll bet that aside from the preggo-walk, you can't tell you're pregnant from the back.

Annie 9:17 PM  

I dunno... I have a bit of a chubby face going on. But I don't mind! I'd rather have some chunkiness happening and be healthy than the opposite. But I can tell you I am not a fan of the surprise stretch marks :( ... surprise meaning I did not anticipate getting stretch marks in totally random places... surprisingly none on my belly but lots have been showing up elsewhere. It's a losing battle!

S. Michelle 10:51 PM  

Gasp! Horror! A chubby face?! :) Least of your worries, I'm certain of it. I imagine that the randomly placed stretch marks are weird, but I guess it is maybe because the belly skin is nice and taut? Who knows. This pregnancy thing is an elusive beast in my world along with everything that is supposed to precede it. Haha.
You seem to be settling in to motherhood well though and by the photos you are definitely nesting. :) If you're into a website, you should check out The Bump and The Nest.

Sonya 10:34 AM  

My dad didn't approve of the name Camilla when I was pregnant with her. Get this...he thought people would think "camel" which would make them think of Camel cigarettes! How crazy is that? And Gary's mom didn't think we should call her Cam for short (still not sure why..too boyish? Who knows!) but lo and behold, she was calling her Cam along with everyone else.

So just name your baby whatever you want. There will come a day when even the naysayers won't remember that they ever objected to it. :)

Annie 12:27 PM  

Sonya I love the name Camilla! Seriously. If I didn't have the last name Allen now I would totally use a name like that if we had a girl. "Allen" is really awkward to say with first names that end in 'la'. Which is unfortunate because all my favourite girls names seemed to end in 'la'.