Friday, November 12, 2010

LOVE this picture. Want it for the baby's room. Not enough wall space left! :(


S. Michelle 1:01 AM  

Very Gustav Klimt. Is it actually Klimt or just meant to look like?

Annie 10:01 AM  

It is Klimt! They are selling it as a print at Ikea of all places but it's gigantic :(

S. Michelle 12:44 PM  

I love Klimt. I also love Ikea. But they do have a knack for producing abnormally huge pieces of art that require a very large chunk of prime decorating real estate. I'm sad that you aren't able to rezone to allow for it. :) (Enough of the real estate metaphor, haha.)

Kristi 5:33 PM  

You can put it elsewhere in the house! It's nice art and Luke Jr. will likely venture outside of his room at some point (and if not, then I am more concerned about some other things than this picture...).

Also, my "word verification" is calpact. Sounds like a toothpaste. Just thought you'd like to know.