Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A little Before and After

Amazing what a big difference a year and a bit can make....

August 1, 2009

December 1, 2010 (at 39 Weeks)

While I'm posting pictures, I may as well make this a photo post!

Luke and I at work making gingerbread men a few days ago (not gluten free... sorry Mandie... but you'll notice we wore the aprons you made??!)

I was delighted to get a package in the mail today from my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Al in Vancouver ... they sent some adorable onesies, a hat with ears (how did you know I can't resist any hats with ears??) and a Taggies book. I was particularly excited about the Taggies book because I had just heard of them recently and actually went in search of one at Chapter's a couple weeks ago. I didn't look hard enough to find one but I'm told they are for sale there.

Taggies books are made with the idea that babies tend to love the tags on toys and books more than the items themselves, so each page of the cloth book has little tags sewn on for baby to chew while "reading"... how cute is that?

Thanks Robertsons!

Here is a glimpse of ______'s completed nursery. It's hard to get a full shot of the whole room but this is the best I could do. Everything is set and now we're just waiting for baby to arrive :)


Cate 2:50 PM  

so exciting!!!
you look great!

Sonya 3:37 PM  

I didn't notice any difference between the first 2 photos. Weird. ;)

The nursery is gorgeous! _______ is very lucky to have such lovely accommodations.

Mandie 4:30 PM  

Nice aprons! Glad to see you use them.

In other news, the quilt is rather close to completion. It might even be done before ________ arrives!

Also, you are gorgeous. In every one of these pictures.

Carla 12:33 AM  

The room looks SO good, Annie! I love it!

Heather 5:27 PM  

Just perusing your blog. I clicked on it from Sarah's site and thought you looked familiar :) Have a wonderful delivery. You look fabulous!

mandiemoon 11:53 AM  

Oh! Your nursery is absolutely adorable! I love it! :D I cannot wait until ours is finished... :) I cannot believe your before and after pic either!! You look great in both pictures though!:D