Friday, April 15, 2005

Hotness vs. Beauty

So today I got to thinking... what makes a person hot? And what makes a person beautiful? I decided that you can be hot AND beautiful at the same time, and sometimes one or the other. Most people will say that Hotness is physical good-lookingness or sexiness... but if you really look deep down, wouldn't you say that the root of Hotness is most likely confidence? Thinking about people that I know who most other people find "hot", all of them are very self-confident and bold. Beautiful people are usually confident as well, but not always. Lots of beautiful people can be shy or vulnerable. Maybe "beauty" encompasses a wider group of people than "hotness". For instance, an 80 year old woman can be beautiful, but probably not hot. (No offence, Granny....) So, if hotness is more subject to youthfulness, does a hot young person become beautiful when they get too old to be hot? Not necessarily. There are plenty of hot people who aren't beautiful. There are plenty of middle-aged women out there who live in denial, trying to be hot... wearing clothes that are way too small for them, dying their hair way too yellow-blonde. It's sad. On the other hand, I think everyone CAN be beautiful. Beauty can be developed or worked on. All those middle-aged women living in denial can have beauty. So, what IS beauty, anyway? Is it a combination of a lot of things? I guess it could be any of these: confidence, self-esteem, boldness, kindness, love, vulnerability, gentleness, power, grace, joy, depth and so on, and so on! Cool... beauty is SO many things. We can all be beautiful. And I guess if you think about it, being HOT really isn't that important. As a society we spend so much time working on our hotness, our physical symmetry, that we're forgetting all about our beauty. Hotness WILL wear off.... so I guess it would be better to work on our beauty, which lasts forever. It's cool too that beauty is just as attractive as hotness. As we become more beautiful, it shows physically. Sweet! I think I like this. I may be wrong, but I think most people are actually looking for beauty in other people, rather than hotness. This is excluding SOME people, of course... but most of the time, beauty is what attracts people to other people. Hmmm, if this is the case, then beauty and being content with our own individuality is so much more accessible to us, isn't it? This brings me a lot of hope.

That's all for now!
Thoughts anyone?


betha_boo 6:55 PM  

oh the questions of life. It is so hard in this world to define anything. It has all been twisted and deformed. what am i talking about. i am not quite sure. i do think you encompass beauty though annie dear. did I spell that right...oh heck if i know. anyway...i am outy. come to church or something on friday or sunday or saturday, and we shall flee from the building to greener pastures...possibly starbucks pastures. haha

notorphanannie 5:58 PM  

ahh starbucks... ahhh skipping church to go to starbucks. it is a pleasant thought!

betha_boo 6:41 PM  

wat is a mofo?

notorphanannie 9:52 PM  

my guess would be mother "beeper"

betha_boo 10:33 PM  

wat is a "beeper"?

itmademesignup 11:01 PM  

Wow. Y'all so deep with your insight into true beauty. You are beautiful...definately. And I don't know what else to write so....Bye!

notorphanannie 11:17 PM  

beth.... do you want me to come right out and SAY it?

mother f*cker, would be my guess.

ohhh you are so conniving...

and... thank you val for POSTING and signing up! you're the greatest thing....since... i don't know what.

betha_boo 12:35 PM  

oh annie, it was not me who left comments on your blog. I left the first one...that is it. I promise you. someone has hacked into my mind and life...scream...SCREAM!

Anonymous 6:59 PM  

Latina women tend to be hot, even without any special beauty, while real beautiful women are extremely rare in humanity, most likely you found them in Northern and Eastern Europe (especially Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Russia) or in East Asia.
Contrary to Latinas, East Asian women can be beautiful without any hotness. Northern European women often are the only women who can combine both!