Thursday, April 14, 2005

Testing... testing...

For some reason my blog isn't showing up. When I type in my own address it just sort of sits there, a white screen, and it says "Done" at the bottom. So I am just testing it now to see if it will do anything if I try and post.

So - The O.C. tonight was a weird one. Not my favorite episode ever, but not so bad either! I mean, it can't ever really be BAD, right? Right? Right.

Well I'd better not type TOO much in case this is just a fruitless attempt at saving my blog.


betha_boo 9:56 PM  

yes, back again am I. I wish I could watch to OC...but I am so afraid to start in the second season. SO afraid. what have I missed!!? It will all work out for good though. Love you.

notorphanannie 4:00 PM  

Do you REALLY want to know? Because a lot has happened! I can give you the quick low-down, if you really want to know...