Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Strange Irony.

Ahh life, how ironic!! So, I was just flipping down the page of my profile that shows my interests, and favorite movies and such, and I noticed something... I have "Supersize Me" listed as one of my very favorite movies. Where is the irony, you ask? Well... I just finished eating a quarter pounder with cheese, medium fries, and a regular diet coke. I am awesome!!!!! Obviously I take my own values SO seriously.

Wednesdays rock my world. Well, partly. I usually either work only a half-day, or NOT AT ALL! Brilliant! Today was a half-day. I would go insane from having to spend time there all day, every day, if it wasn't (weren't?) for Wednesdays.

I think it's mildly humerous that the only person reading this Blog at this point to the best of my knowlege is Bethany Dawn Critchley. She is great! She always puts comments on every Blog I post! I like reading comments. So, thank you Bethany. And thank you for your criticism of "The Village". If everyone agreed with me all the time, life would be boring! Boring, I say! Anyway.... all hatred aside... we should hang out soon!!

So, I got to thinking the other day... If I had lived through the '60s, I might have been a hippie. You probably would never guess that now by my appearance, but it's true. I have always secretly loved the idea of being a hippie. Not a dirty hippie, but a cool hippie. Is there any such thing? Yeah, probably. Excuse me while I think out loud here. If you want to really get the gist of my desire to be a hippie and cool it would be, download this song - "I'd love to Change the World", by Ten Years After. So groovy! It will get you wanting to be a hippie too, I swear.

Well I am going to go find something else to do with my luxuriously FREE afternoon. Lates!


beth 2:15 PM  

Hipity Hopity. I love that. Do it annie mal. it. Oh yeah...spelling village wrong...what is that...i never spelled it wrong...hee hee.

betha_boo 2:15 PM  

that looks like it is bethany v. is me. i shall fix it instantly.

notorphanannie 9:33 PM  

Oh, you are so evil!!!!!

At first I didn't know what the HECK you were talking about...and then it hit me. Oh yes... the merits of being able to edit your post after it's published. Beautiful.

But if you think about it, my prayer to the Lord was answered!!! Your spelling problems are FIXED!


betha_boo 9:55 PM  

good one annie dear. the lord is SO in love with your prayer...!?