Monday, April 25, 2005

john mayer

ok, i absolutely HAVE to type out this conversation i overheard two of my friends having about john mayer.

guy friend: "i hate john mayer."

girl friend: "john mayer is so good! how can you say that!?"

guy friend (shaking his head in disgust): "his name shouldn't be 'john mayer'. it should be jonathan STUPID"

girl friend: "yeah right. it should be jonathan SEX"

i will leave you all on that note. have a good one.


betha_boo 4:47 PM  

who the heck had that is hilarious. in other news, i agree with girlfriend!

notorphanannie 4:52 PM  

it may or may not have been mary anne and jordan.

i agree with her too!

betha_boo 12:10 AM  

oh jordan, he will SO come around. Annie, go instantly and see A Lot Like Love, it is brilliant.

notorphanannie 12:33 PM  

tell me - is that the movie with ashton kutcher?