Wednesday, April 27, 2005

the coolest magician

oh my gosh. have any of you ever heard of the magician david blaine? this week on TLC was "magic week", and i happened to see a bit on david blaine last night. he's this young magician who walks around cities like LA and New York with a camera crew, doing crazy magic tricks for random people on the street. you would not BELIEVE the insane stuff he can do. he mostly does card tricks but he also does this thing where he actually looks like he's levitating. he actually rises about a foot off the ground. i have no idea how he does it. the people on the street were freaking out and some were even leaving in a hurry because of how realistic and scary it was. another time he threw a deck of cards against a glass window and somehow got a card to stick on the other side of the glass. it literally was not there seconds before. so weird!!! i don't know what to think! but if you ever see him on tv i recommend you pay attention, because he is pretty dang cool.

today as i was driving home from work i had a sudden revelation that i think i want to live in the united states someday. i think under the surface i have always wanted to, not because i hate canada or don't fit in here... i just think that i might want to live there long term someday. i've always thought about living in california or maine or the oregon coast or north carolina... or somewhere really south like texas. or even hawaii. who knows what will happen... i guess i'll have to wait and see. part of the reason i thought of this is because i have always followed american politics, and i know more about american politics than canadian politics. of course there are other reasons for this... namely, our country is not as boldly patriotic as the U.S. and we don't focus as much attention as we should on our political happenings. i really have no excuse for not knowing about canadian politics like i should... but I just really enjoy american politics. so, yes.

ok, i just want to say, I MISS MY DOG! her name is penny. she is a golden retriever. she lives in kamloops, british columbia. she is not really my dog. she is really my dad's dog. but she is wonderful. she is shy. she loves going for walks. she loves her favorite toy, her "kong", a chunk of rubber on a rope that we throw into the river for her. she also barks at people who walk in front of the house, but not in an annoying way, in a brave and protective way. her fur is so dark that a lot of people think she is an irish setter. she is not. she is a golden retriever. sometimes i used to call her "penners" or "pennzoil", which is a brand of auto oil but also sounds freakishly similar to the name "penny". sometimes i used to just call her "puppy". anyway, i love her and she is sorely missed and when i see her again she probably won't recognize me because it's been over 3 years.

yeeeeeeeeeeesh i can't think of any stupid interesting topics. goodbye!


betha_boo 3:09 PM  

YES! America, I am in love with it. I am not sure if I could see myself living there for the entirety of my life or anything, but I would not be upset if it ended up that way at all. I love dogs. And david blaine has some sort of demonic gifting in my humble opinion.

love you sweet cheeks.

Silly Foolish Sanders 5:40 PM  

Yes, I've seen David Blaine. He's really freaky when he levitates. You can see him on DVD as well ...

Yes, dark Golden's are pretty. Sounds like a sweet dog. I don't much like dogs but I once had a sister who was an irish setter. Beautiful, just not protective.

Chow, Sandy Cat

notorphanannie 3:11 PM