Saturday, April 30, 2005

moving day

Today is my last day at my parents' house. I am feeling 50/50 about it, half of me is happy to be gaining back my independence and the other half of me is dreading it. Independence is scary. Especially when you spend money addictively, like me. Really, what am I getting myself into here? My room is pretty cool at least, and my roommates seem pretty nice. It will all work out. Plus, now, I don't have to drive to work. I can walk the short 3 blocks it takes to get there. Sweet.

Last night I saw the most retarded movie ever. Actually, it was the scariest movie ever. It was "The Amityville Horror". Don't ask me why I chose to see it, because I don't know. I looked down for most of it, trying not to let myself see the stuff that I knew would freak me out later. My parents live in this big-ish 100 year old house, and when I came home late at night everyone was sleeping and all the lights were off. It was not a pleasant feeling, trying to find my way to my room in the pitch black hallway.

Anyway, as I was trying very hard to distract myself from all the scariness as I was lying in bed, I started thinking about Heaven. I think for most of my life I've believed that Heaven will be this floaty, airy, light place where everything glows and there are happy happy people kind of drifting along with huge smiles on their faces. For the past 2 years, I have been getting to know God in quite a different context. I've learned that God is so deep and noble and strong and humble and brave and glorious. But what is strength without adversity? What is courage without conflict? What is beauty without darkness? I don't necessarily think there will be conflict in heaven, at least not the kind we see in our fallen world. But I also wonder how we will be able to recognize strength for strength or courage for courage in the context of Heaven without the presence of anything evil to call for the use of these things.

I don't know, it's just something that occurred to me and now I'm having fun trying to figure it out, which I will NOT be able to do, obviously. Oh well. It's still fun. Yes... thinking... fun stuff.

Well I am now off to go pick up my car from Canadian Tire. I have to pay tons of money to basically get every part replaced. Dang.

I am adding this on after I've already put this post on my blog. I am extremely impressed, because Jessica thinks I look like a native indian in my picture. What is cooler than that? Nothing! I am just too impressed!


betha_boo 5:15 PM  

oh my lordie...that movie does look like the pits...the pits of hell...come to earth.

in other news, i love those questions. i shall ponder upon them right now.