Sunday, May 01, 2005

the perishers

I have just discovered the coolest band ever. I was probably just in the dark and many of you knew about them already. Oh well - I am happy with my discovery nonetheless. They are called "The Perishers", and I would describe their sound as "Coldplay meets Deathcab for Cutie", or "Keane meets a very mellow Jack Johnson or even Pedro the Lion". Very occasionally there are also several women singing in unison along with the male lead singer, which threw me at first but I could now see myself slowly beginning to like. Most of the songs are very mellow and sweet, with soft vocals and lovey dovey lyrics. There is a lot of use of piano, and acoustic guitar. The lead singer has this great soothing voice. Yes, he can really croon. There are also a nice variety of minor chords which as always creates an environment of bittersweet yearning or pining. I would recommend that you download the following tracks (If you're feeling either tired, joyous, lonely, happy, blissful, pondering, quiet, contemplative, or if you're missing the one you love):

- "Trouble Sleeping" (definitely get this one)
- "Sway"
- "My Heart" (this one stands out too)
- "What We Once Had"

Ok, go, download, download.

Hmmm... on a completely different note... I would like to address the topic of "randomness". Is it just me, or has this "random humor" thing really taken off the past few years? I remember maybe 3 or 4 years ago when almost everyone I knew suddenly developed a crazy sense of humor where basically anything goes, because being RANDOM was key. You could do a crazy dance in the middle of the mall and it was hilarious because it was unexpected. You could walk up to a complete stranger and offer them the opportunity to borrow your copy of Disney's "Aladdin", and it would be a big hit because of its randomness. A common phrase used after something along those lines happens is, "Hahahhahaha, that was so random!" It used to be something NEW, and yes, I did appreciate its hilariosity. In fact, I still do. But now it seems fairly over-used. Maybe this is not a bad thing - I do not want to be a "hater". It is just not NEW anymore. It seems like everyone around me still thinks it's new. No, randomness is not new. Actually, randomness might have become extremely popular after such creations as "Monty Python". Last night I saw the movie "Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"... and it was full of randomness. It was too much randomness, actually... so much randomness in fact that there was hardly a plot. So I do not recommend that movie though I can say that parts of it were pretty funny. Anyway - randomness... it's great, maybe over-used, but great... I strongly needed to blog about this. I don't know why.

But now I strongly need to go eat something. Goodbye....


betha_boo 12:41 PM  

woosh. good teaching annie mal. So, if that is not as funny any more...then what has taken its place. anything that has been dethroned must have an overtaker...catch my drift?!

i don't either.

yes. lets do something sometime. i am honestly free daily...which sucks...but it wont last for long. the inly issue like i said before is transportation.

notorphanannie 12:58 PM  

wow bethany, i honestly don't know how you do it. i post something and then 1/2 an hour later (or less) there is a comment from you. amazing! i am impressed, because i never even see you online. hmmm, i wonder if that means you have me blocked on msn! ha-ha, just kidding.

i have NO IDEA what can take the place of randomness. actually, don't consider it de-throned - consider it exposed. there is still totally a place for randomness. i don't know what i'm talking about right now.

you're free daily? maybe we can hang out next weekend... i have something going on saturday but not sunday. how's sunday for you? i may or may not have fixed my car by then. i have to completely replace the brakes AND the oil pan AND the transmission fluid pan. they are "rusted through" - shit. ok, talk to ya soon!

betha_boo 7:29 PM  

Oh annie, I am SO available next sunday. Just let me know fo sho if you are coming. If you want, you can SO purchase a Canadas Wonderland pass then...and we can So go to the park on that day.

Are you picking up what I am putting down?!?!

itmademesignup 7:31 PM  

I dance in the mall. I dance everywhere. Are you questioning my thang? Its my thing. I like it. Its my bit and you can't take it away from me. No matter what you have to say about randomness.

notorphanannie 3:10 PM  

well, val, i am thinking that since you dance in the mall so much it isn't all that RANDOM anymore. you can have it! yes, it can be your bit! in fact, it would be random to walk through a mall with you and for you to NOT dance. ah HA.