Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Update of Sorts

Well, I moved a couple days ago, finally. It was good to get that out of the way. It's weird living in a new place where I have next to no contact with the outside world. Only a little cell phone with bad reception. No internet, no nothing. It IS a little bit lonely so far. Hopefully that feeling will die fast. It's also weird having almost no furniture. Man! At least I can walk to work... I will never be late again... yessssssssssss....

Speaking of work, I have to be there at 8 tomorrow. Gross! It's all about 9 o'clock. I am not a fan of the 8 o'clock. At least it's only tomorrow. This lady at work told me the other day that her 11-year-old daughter learned the entire dance from Napoleon Dynamite. Hahaha! How cool is that? I have often longed to do that very thing and then get 50 people on a stage doing that dance. It would be incredible.

Well, it is just cold here right now. I am at my parent's house using their computer... so yes... I guess I am not completely out of the technology loop. My hands are freezing and I am having trouble typing because of how cold I am.

Don't you hate it when you have nothing to blog about? Like, this is a complete waste of my time AND yours. Nothing I'm saying right now is going to do you or I any good at all. You should go listen to some music or journal on your own or at least watch TV. You could make a pumpkin pie. I made one earlier. No, go for a walk. Walks are healthy AND fun. Sort of. Sometimes walking isn't all that fun. You could always go to Wal-mart... there's lots to see there. You could even surf the net for other stuff, just don't waste your time reading this pointless blog. HEY! You could call me... let's hang out. I'm probably bored or lonely. HA.

Gotta go... and go do nothing.


betha_boo 6:50 PM  

Oh annie, I feel as thought that was directed to me...YAY! I love that I read your blog. It is terrifac. I forgot that sunday is Mothers Day...so it is NOT a good day to chillax! My mom would be pissed...or I would be pissed for her. Lets figure out some sort of different plan. Yes we should tlak on the phone...what is your new number...or you could call me before then...905-669-7945

sick...my number is now on the internet. I hope some random skito doesnt call me.

notorphanannie 7:56 PM  

oh yeah, mother's day... thanks for the reminder. i definitely have to do something along those lines at some point this weekend. oh well... the weather isn't that great quite yet so when we go to wonderland it should definitely be warmer. maybe in a couple weeks, yes?

by the way... "skito". is that a word? i like it. i will now use it profusely.

by the way - yes... the blog was definitely directed in your direction, probably 90% anyway.


betha_boo 1:54 PM  

annie, i feel like an idiot. I JUST realized that your blog name is NOT someting spiritual. I was confused by it at first...but now...now i finally get it! not orphan annie like the red head kid...not like the prodical son...HAHAHAHAHa. I feel so stupid. But I am not

notorphanannie 3:07 PM  

well, I'M glad you had that revelation... but now i am thinking of everyone who thinks that i am trying to be extremely spiritual. no, i am not trying to be extremely spiritual. i am simply NOT the annoying redhead from the musical. that's for the record.

betha_boo 3:33 PM  

gotchya...yep i do. I was also thinking of how many times it took me to get it in the first place...

notor phanannie (that was my favourite.

dont worry, i am just challanged...i am sure EVERY SINGLE PERSON other than me gets it!

are you SO excited about MATT NEWELL coming to town...ha