Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Musings of May 4

Spiral down to me
And we'll fly
I am tired from my commitment
To gravity
I long to see from a bird's eye view
"Blink and you'll miss it", they say
But I don't want to be a slave
To such weakness
I want to look at you and see no fragility
Grab me, then
And be strong
Don't be timid
Because I want to FLY


I've slipped into the habit
Of looking down, looking away
Of staring into space
Why have I come to rely
On everything and everyone but you?
I am so quick to grab the hand
Of a shadow
And to forcefully look the other way
When I hear your voice
The thing is, though...
You've given me a wrapped gift
An enclosed diamond
It kills me to hold onto it
Without being allowed to see it
It confuses me with its mystery
So instead of staring at an alarm clock
Waiting for it to ring,
I've turned to a shadow
A shadow that most say is unreliable
But I haven't heard that from you
Because I haven't been listening


Is pursuing God and waiting on him the same thing as sitting beside a silent telephone, waiting for it to ring?
I can't stand the thought that God is like a teenage boy or an elusive heart throb.
Maybe that's why I choose to ignore him and look the other way, muttering to no one in particular, "You can't lead ME on".


betha_boo 10:09 PM  
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betha_boo 10:12 PM  

woah, deep, and quite revealing.

i relate...but at the same time, i know that it is some screwed up image of how a realationship with God really is (not that i do not have one now). I like the teenage heart throb bit, because i have thought that before, which lead me to wondering:

Do we relate God to our experiences too much? Will we truly understand being in love with Him when we have not experienced it in the physical yet....or is it the other way around. oh gosh...i am so lost.