Friday, May 06, 2005

If I Were to Direct a Movie

So, I've just decided that if I had to direct a movie I would probably make a nice quiet, realistic but positive story about young love. Yes. I am entirely idealistic sometimes. It's pretty pathetic, but hey - I doubt that I would ever get the opportunity to direct or write a movie. So, I can dream. Anyway, I know for sure that near the end of the film somehow the guy and girl would get together, and it would maybe be from the guy's perspective and maybe the guy and girl would finally realize they were meant for each other... and the guy would go walking home in the early evening sunshine on a slow summer day, with "The Past and Pending" by The Shins playing in the background. Perfect!

So, this week a big dream of mine came true. I think it must have been God. No, this is not about love, if you feel like that's the direction I'm taking here. This is totally unrelated to my previous paragraph.
Anyway... a lady from the office where I work found out I was looking for a digital camera, and she decided to sell me hers. She bought it this year so it is brand-spanking new and hardly used at all (I hate the word spanking! Why did I use it here?). She bought it for over $900, and sold it to me for, let's just say, less than HALF of $900. Seriously, I never would ever have thought that I could afford an amazing digital camera. It is definitely what I'll be using for creative photography purposes. I have a couple of really old 35mm cameras that are a little scratched up, and nowhere near the technology of this camera. It's totally a miracle, and I think, a gift from God. I am kind of in awe still... just last week, before all this, I was dreaming about how much I wanted a camera exactly like this one, thinking I would never EVER be able to afford one of such good quality. So, wow. God is a freaking AMAZING being. I love him.

So, it seems that I am always at my parents house, updating this blog. What is WITH that? Life in the new house is a bit boring, I guess, but I can tell already that I will definitely have more time with God and more time to develop who I am as a person. That's what alone time really does for me. Living with my parents, my only alone time was in front of the TV. Unhealthy, no? Anyway - I'm kind of excited. I have a pretty good opportunity now to really get into some creative stuff I've been holding off on for a long, long time. I am definitely feeling positive about this.

Ok - peace out!


betha_boo 8:55 PM  

Oh annie. Hello. About the profile picture thing...I know! It did that to me with one of the pics. I think that either it changes over time...or it depends on the picture. I am not as expert as I would like to be.

The Oc on thursday...CRAZY!!! I wonder what is going to happen...death?!

Digital Camera...WOOT. I hope it goes to better use than Mary Annes with all the topless woman and what not.

Apartment...God time...excellent.

I am going to Canadas Wonderland tomorrow...if you end up would be cool...but I think you said you have plans already.

905-669-7945 if you wanna chat. I am possibly moving back home next week...haha...i will let you knwo what happens. i am babysitting now...gotta run.

notorphanannie 11:49 AM  

actually... it DID change over time, so i don't know what's up with that either! but i guess it's ok now that it's doing what i want it to do.

wonderland, on mother's day? shocking! just kidding. i don't know about you... but i really like wonderland when it's freaking HOT out. i can't go on all the rides if it's kind of cold still. so i'll totally be up for it in warmer weather.

i will copy down your number and call you soon!