Monday, May 09, 2005


This day is filled with gorgeousness... I certainly hope I spelled that right. Anyway, the weather is just superb. The only thing about Hamilton though, is that with the variety of factories and chemical plants, the air is not quite FRAGRANT. In fact, it pretty much stinks outside like garbage. It's not garbage though, it's Beer Factory. Or Steel Factory. Sick! It would be perfect outside otherwise.

So, how come plane tickets to BC are so freaking expensive? I keep hearing about cheap tickets to europe, and when I check those ticket-finders online like Expedia the cheapest plane tickets available are almost $800. I can't believe how much it costs to fly halfway across my own country. Seriously, I just heard from a friend of mine that she got a round-trip ticket to France for just over $400. I just want to see my family. Why does it have to be so difficult? Sigh.

Well, summer is almost here and I am getting excited. Even if I do have to work all summer, it will be ok because I enjoy my job. Some friends and I have already planned a camping trip for june and it should be supafly. Yes..... supafly.

Speaking of doing summer stuff - a bunch of friends of mine just left today for Israel. Soooooo cool. I wish I could go - but it costs money, of course. They should have an awesome time. I think that Israel would be one of the coolest places on the planet to visit. I saw the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" last night, and even though it was pretty violent and such, it made me want to see Israel even more. I just can't believe everything that has happened in that country and it blows my mind that everything in the Bible actually HAPPENED there. Yeah, it sounds like a stupid thing to say, but sometimes the Bible just seems like legend or myth because of how long ago it happened, and how we've dumbed it down with our crazy sunday school teaching. I just want to see Israel and have it all sink in for real.

Anyway - the warm and sunny porch is calling my name.