Friday, April 08, 2005

This Is Interesting.

So.... blogging. Does everyone starting a blog talk about the concept of having a blog for their first post? I guess it's expected.

So, the thing I find interesting about people who start a blog, is the motivation they find for doing so. I think all people struggle with feeling invisible or unknown, and that we all have a desire to be known and understood. Blogging seems to be a way (if not a bit subtle, safe and indirect) to do just that. So, fine with me! I like it!

But don't expect me to be TOO open on here, because I won't be. I am still a bit closed off to the whole blogging idea. I think it's easy for people to be too open because once you sit down and start typing it's freaking easy to just let it ALL out.

Ok, that's all from me for now.


betha_boo 5:10 PM  

HOT PICTURE ANNIE MAL. Wow, I am glad you started one of should be sextastic. Yes. Wonderful. Can't wait to see what hidden secrets you unleash...or leesh...or geesh.

K. Love you...visit me soon