Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunshiney and Beautiful

Well, it is just a fabulous day outside. So warm and sunny... I don't think my body understands or comprehends it right now because of all the crappy weather this winter.

So, lately I've been getting this weird thing that happens when I wake up every morning. I've been having really weird dreams that kind of blend into real life, and I can't always tell the difference when I'm waking up. For instance, this morning as I was waking up I was having a semi-dream about being at work at the doctor's office, and Anne of Green Gables was a patient, but we didn't have her medical file. So I had to go looking for it. As I was drifting into consciousness, I started making a mental list of things I need to do today: Clean my car out, pay my parking ticket, do a sh#t load of laundry, and find Anne of Green Gables' medical file. I literally had to sit on my bed for a moment and figure out which one didn't fit. WEIRD.

BLahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I really don't think I like Sundays. It's not God's fault, for allowing church to happen on Sundays, no... no... it's more like WORK'S fault. Starting at like 2:30 in the afternoon, the countdown to WORK begins. Slowly, a dark and creeping dread starts to sneak in. As the hours go by, and the sun goes down, I am consumed in knowing that tomorrow morning I have to wake up and start another work week. The funny thing is, I really don't hate my job! In fact, it's the best job I've EVER had... the people I work with are incredible, and I am respected there. The work I have to do is pretty awesome too. So - I have no idea where this dread phenomenon got its place. Sigh. Well, I don't think the countdown has really begun yet (it's only 12:00 noon) so I'm ok for now. I'd better go "seize the day" while I still have motivation to do so.


betha_boo 12:49 PM  

oh I SO relate. I think it is just the mentality of HAVING to do the work. It is kind of like a chain around our feet...even if it is a pretty chain...


Love you...hope work is a great time.