Monday, April 11, 2005


So, why the heck is U2 such a freaking good band? I just have no explanation. But I am really liking their song "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own". Songs by U2 always hit a deep spot somewhere where I need it. Is it abnormal to actually feel emotional listening to music? I think it's normal.... music somehow embodies emotion, when it's done right. It's almost supernatural, I think. God is pretty cool to give us music. I think it reaches a deep and hidden supernatural part of us that needs to be kept alive.... it's such a miracle. Listen to music!!!!!!

So, tomorrow I'm going with 2 friends of mine to see them get tattoos done. Exciting. I've never actually seen one getting done on someone, so it should be interesting. Hopefully the people at the tattoo place let me in to see them get it done.

This is the time of year when we get totally deceiving weather. All day at work I kept looking out the window, anticipating the warm sun, expecting the temperature to be at LEAST 15.... boy was I wrong. It was more like 10. 10 is pretty warm, considering how cold the weather gets here, but when you compare it to 15, which to me seems closer to 20 than 10, it is just ridiculously cold.

So - shout out to all the girls out there! I've discovered that I'm not the ONLY one who plans out how I'm going to do my hair days in advance. It's good to realize that other girls DO sit somewhere, whether it's a bus, a car, a desk, a couch, staring into space envisioning braids, straightness, crimpiness, waviness, pony-tailedness, etc. etc. etc. Being a girl is fun.

Yeah, so, I'll leave it at that brilliant note.