Sunday, May 29, 2005


So, I got all my pictures back... yes... the ones that were deleted, supposedly "forever"... I downloaded this program that retrieves deleted pictures and it WORKED. It's actually kind of crazy because I use a Fuji camera, and Fuji cameras are among the very few brands of digital cameras that supposedly delete pictures FOREVER, as soon as you press the "ok" button. I called the Fuji hotline and the guy on the phone told me it was impossible for me to ever see my pictures again, because once you deleted them they're impossible to retrieve. Well, not my camera, apparently, because I got all of them back, even ones that I deleted on purpose. Yesssssssssssssssss. So, I am very happy about that.

Well - tomorrow begins another week at work. I had so many days off last week that it seems hard to comprehend that I have to go back tomorrow. I get too lazy too fast. But anyway - I can't wait to go camping this coming weekend... should be fun, rain or not! Cammmppiiinnnnnggggg.

Catch you all later........


betha_boo 5:18 PM  

I am so glad you got your pictures back. That would be quite the relief. And camping is fun. I happen to have some fond memories myself of camping. Oh my gosh, the wedding...I HAVE TO GET A DRESS...or something. I am coming, I must come.

okay, I am outy. let me know how its going chikita!!!

notorphanannie 8:43 PM  

hey beth! well i am sure that it doesn't matter to mary anne and jordan what you end up wearing... they just want you there!! me too! you have to come. i'll die if you don't. is that what you want? death for me?

yes.... anyway............


betha_boo 10:36 PM  

YAY! oh speaking of death....the funeral comment was because a friend of mine died and i was mixed up with the word funeral and wedding. Sorry...and don't worry i am okay with it. I am going to try for sure to come to the wedding. I am going shopping soon and VERY soon. Hey! Wanna hang out on the twelveth...I will just come down for the weekend or something. Then we can talk all night about all the sex that mary anne and jordan will be having...


notorphanannie 4:32 PM  

wow, i am so proud of my blog for being absolutely IDIOTIC. it just decided not to load the page after i typed out a reply to your comment.

anyway... so, you know mary anne reads this blog, right? ha ha ha.

anyway, i am worried for some reason that i won't see you, amber and sean malone at the wedding. all of you guys being there would make it so AWESOME. and, hanging out on the 12th would be awesome too. how are you getting down for the wedding?

well... gotta go!