Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Things are going pretty well for me over here... I've been up to some nice summer stuff which is AWESOME. This past weekend I went on that camping trip I've been posting non-stop about.... it was a great time. The weather was SUPERB. Why do I always post the adjectives in capital letters? Anyway, the weather was definitely way better than it was supposed to be, and I got a lot of sun. Too much sun, in fact... but it's all worth it in the end.

This coming weekend I will be in a wedding, and it should be a great weekend. Everyone in the wedding party is getting kinda close and we've been hanging out a lot, so it will shape up to be a good experience overall. Hey. Maybe I should post pictures of the various events I go to on this thing ... it would be a good idea, no? I will have to figure that out eventually. I have many camping pictures. I would like that if not only for my own benefit.

Today I was at work, and I got to thinking. A lot of people are perfectionists. I would consider myself to be one, but I think when it comes down to it there are "2 seperate yet equally important groups" of perfectionists (shout out to Law and Order there, for some reason). I have encountered the Bossy Perfectionist, time and time again. The Bossy Perfectionist will want things to be perfect, and fully expect everyone around them to live up to their unusually high standards of perfection. You can NEVER be late. You MUST be able to read their minds, and accomodate them in every way, or else you will pay. Temper tantrums occur. Then, there is the Pushover Perfectionist, who is continually trying to please the entire world. This Perfectionist will beat themself up all day... trying to meet everyone's standards. Failure is devastating. When things are going well, they pride themselves in being able to pick up on what others need, and their own ability to keep things peaceful and put-together. Now - imagine if these 2 types of people are friends. What a crazy situation! I mean, WHAT? Imagine the miscommunication that would go on. The even crazier thing is - I think this occurs a lot. I have seen people like this everywhere. Not everyone is a perfectionist, but they are everywhere............ yes, just an observation of mine today.........

Hmmm, I just noticed that my parents must have gotten rid of their air conditioner. I mean, this room is HOT. It is HOT in here. (I just thought of that Will Ferrell SNL sketch where he is a grown man who was just born.... heh heh)

Ok, ya'll

That's all for now