Tuesday, July 05, 2005


heyyyy everyone.

well i am in bc right now, taking it easy... i haven't really done too much since i got here, except on sunday after my plane got in to kelowna from calgary, my family and i went to a winery. it was pretty cool.... vineyards everywhere and wine tasting and rich tourists from europe. kelowna is a nice place, nice mountains and orchards and big houses. reminds me of california a tiny bit.

anyway, i'm in kamloops now and i haven't called any of my old friends yet. i'm still feeling a bit jet-lagged, i am walking around in a daze. i feel like i'm on tylenol 3 or gravol or something. but i'm not. annnywayyyy........ this week i'll probably just take it easy and hang out around town, and then next week we're driving 4 hours to vancouver where i'll see my grandparents and cousins. yep. fun times..................

i'm gonna go call some people now. i really should learn how to post photos on here... any day now....