Saturday, July 02, 2005

the adventure continues

Hello again. Here I sit again, in the home of Jonny Nash, but now it is SATURDAY. I have been having fun here. Yesterday really picked up here in Sylvan. All of the crazy Albertan partiers headed down to the lake for fireworks at 11, and then, everyone stuck around on purpose, I mean EVERYONE, simply because of the FIGHTS. I'm serious. Every single year, everyone knows and expects crazy fistfights to break out after the fireworks. Guys... girls... it doesn't even matter. Everyone has fighting potential. Everyone I was with was soooooo excited for the fights. I heard stories about them all day so there was a ton of anticipation. In the end after lots of wandering around late into the night, we FINALLY encountered one fight... a bunch of 15 year old kids.... everyone was just punching everyone. The guys I were with jumped in there trying to get as close as possible. It was fun times. I was afraid that a riot was gonna break out. Luckily nothing happened... and it ended up being fun. Heee hee

So today I get the feeling that we're gonna go play tennis. Jonny and James talk about nothing but tennis. Seriously. It's kind of hilarious.

Anyway I'm missing Malcolm in the Middle... great show. I loves it.... ok.... later


betha_boo 5:20 PM  

oh my goodness, i SO wish I had your life right now.

bored. bored as hell.

tell the boys that i say...whats up...and...uhhh...why the hell have they given the freezing cold shoulder...haha

oh boys

speaking of boys...

notorphanannie 12:36 AM  

bethany critchley. why have you not replied to my email?? i was, like, EXPECTING a reply. i'm in BC now... the J, J & J visit is over as of today. reply dang it! reply!

betha_boo 5:30 PM  

oh lordie, wow...sorry. i know i should reply, but it is SOOOOOOOO lamo to live on hotmail. i work my ass of all day and the last thing i want to do is write a freaking long email about my that sad?

I would love to talk, and reply, i just need a little more time!

you could call you know...or not...its up to you entirely. i hope you have fun in alberta yo. i FO SHO will email soon. like i said...time is of the essence.