Friday, July 01, 2005

Chillin' in AB.

So, here I sit in the home of Jonny Nash. I am using his laptop. I keep messing up the typing because the keys are so small and I keep hitting a bunch at once. Jonny is not here, however. He and Josh and some other people they know are giving free "spiritual readings" (prophetic words) to random strangers down at the lake. James is showering. I had to find stuff to do for most of today BY MYSELF, because James had to WORK. Dag! Anyway, I got to see a lot of Sylvan lake..... yes.....

So today is Canada day and tons of people are hanging out. There are tons of hoochie girls in bikinis and short skirts wandering around in droves, and tons of beefy Albertan guys driving around in giant trucks. As I was walking around earlier some of the Albertan guys would yell hick-ish comments at me. Wow, I can't believe how HICK some people are here! So many huge trucks and rude men! OOoooohhhh wellllllll...

Well someone just rang the doorbell twice but I feel weird about answering the door. So I am going to ignore it.

Well hopefully my day gets far more interesting than it is right now. I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the Alberta-ness of it all.... so many people.....

ok, later


ariane 3:43 PM  

that was not a very good blog I have to say. I have certain expectations of your blog. But on this one all was lost. I don't even know why I'm commenting.

notorphanannie 1:21 AM  


that's all I have to say