Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oh Lovely Vancouver.

Well I'm finishing up the last few days of my trip here in beautiful british columbia. I seriously can't believe how gorgeous it is out here. When I grew up here and lived here I really had no clue... it was all I knew, right? But now that I've lived other places, I'm absolutely blown away. I am going to try and figure out how to post a couple pictures on here of my trip so far. Hopefully it works... we'll see.

Here is one of James, me and Jonny on the night of the famous fights and fireworks in Alberta....

This is my bro Ian at Okanagan lake in Kelowna, BC

There's me at a Winery outside of Kelowna

Jonny, me, and James's thumbs up

My sweet puppy Penny, looking adoringly at me.

Me and my family's little runty poodle Georgia... yeah, there's a dog there.... you have to look carefully though.... sorry that it's sideways by the way.

Me and James driving randomly around

All-righty, that's it for now...


betha_boo 5:25 PM  

OH MY have resurected a suppressed missage of my dear friends jonny and james.


you must have had a fracking blast.

Okay, I need to send an email to you instantly, but I am just waiting for something a little more meaty...honestly...the time is comming...give it a few days. IT WILL HAPPEN ANNIE...the email i mean.

notorphanannie 12:26 AM  

hehheh, ok, i believe you. we will have to hang out soon after i get back to ontario! that will happen too.