Wednesday, November 23, 2005

frank zappa

yeah, so a musician i have relatively recently discovered... FRANK ZAPPA. ok, this guy is just a little BIZARRE. but in a good way! i think. anyway... he's this biker guy who pretty much was in his prime musically in the 60's and, I believe, the 70's. i first heard about him as i was reading a book on the charles manson and the manson family. (yes... i will never cease to be fascinated by the manson family...) it turns out that one of the male members of "the family" jammed with this character named frank zappa. the author of the book i was reading said that zappa did a lot of psychedelic stuff. now if you know me, you may realize that i am IN LOVE with all things psychedelic (though possibly not the drugs)... so i had to look into frank zappa. i just thought that i would report that his music, though somewhat off-the-wall and light-heartedly slash intensely bitter about society, is very satisfying. especially if all things psychedelic really get you going. if so, i recommend you get "inca roads"... and, though i am probably shocking the pants off of most christian readers, "titties and beer" is a great song. i apologize if i just shocked the pants off of you... "and i always thought she was such a NICE girl......"

yep, that's it. take it easy, ya'll