Wednesday, January 11, 2006

what have i done?

no, i am not screaming "what have i done?" over some dead body or another similar catastrophic situation. i am asking myself.... what kind of stuff could/should i do to improve myself as a person and to grow into who i'm supposed to be? yes.... it's time for some soul-searching and introspective thinking. hmmmm... i may or may not be constantly doing that ANYWAY.... but i am getting structured this time. meaning - i have made RESOLUTIONS. they aren't gay new year's resolutions... just Annie resolutions. I have decided to do these things in order to improve my life:

a) learn one new word in spanish every day. so far - i have learned - entruchada, defraudar, andar. look them up if you don't know what they mean and then you'll learn something new TOO.

b) do something creative every single day. i am painting now and drawing a lot more. and doing photography a bit more. oh, and knitting. doing lots of knitting.

c) be more physically active, ie: walk more places, take the stairs rather than the elevator... bla bla bla. along with this i don't want to eat tons of candy anymore. i really am an addict (seriously, ask anyone who knows me) and it honestly needs to stop controlling me.

ok, so that's pretty much it. looking at the resolutions typed out, i am basically confronted with the fact that YES, they ARE typical new year's resolutions people make. except for maybe the spanish word thing. oh well..... oh yeah, and maybe i am not improving myself necessarily by KNITTING, but who cares? it's kind of fun. kind of enjoyable.

alright - i'm gone.


betha_boo 7:16 PM  

my mom said that she used to know how to knit really well...but now she has forgotten. So it is clearly really important to continue knitting if you ever want to know how to do it when you are older. you do...cuz then you can knit your grandchildren scarffs.

riiiight. okay, anyway...i am watching night at the roxburrys...or however you spell it. it is highly sexual...and slightly inappropriate. I just realized it.

wow. what is the world coming to.

i am going to go knit now!!