Tuesday, December 27, 2005

end of december

well folks, christmas has come and gone. officially, anyway, because for me christmas keeps going until i have to go back to work. i have to go back to work in JANUARY.... so, yes, christmas is still a-happenin' for me. man, i hate it when people use apostrophes like i just did. man. why did i do it?

i just watched the excellent move ROUNDERS. it is great. it is about poker... of which i really know nothing, so i am not sure why it is so great. but it is. there is this awesome character played by john malkovitch, with a killer russian accent. i mean, KILLER! so entertaining!

so who here braved the boxing day crowds this week? i know i did. i'm not at all sure why i did... but it's ok, because i got an ok stereo. the sony store had better sales than walmart and future shop COMBINED. yes, COMBINED. you should go shop there next year because if you didn't go by now you missed it.

i may or may not be a leetle beet "buzzed" right now, as i have recently consumed a glass or two of kahlua mixed with milk. nothing serious. really, nothing serious. my brother and i ordered a small bottle through one of those delivery things... all in the holiday spirit. yessssss, so i may sound a bit GOOFIER.

oh man i'm going to read this some other time and be kind of annoyed at myself.

anyway.... yes. so this year i sort of didn't get into christmas at all until the last possible second (literally) or even later maybe, and so i didn't go through my usual list of holiday movies. my favorite one of all, home alone, didn't even get watched. i'm sort of sad about that. every year my family and i watch it as much as we can, like 3 times every christmas, but not this year. hmmmmmmm.

well i have to go print some stuff off the computer, so you take it easy everyone.


mortal_hand 9:23 PM  

hope you enjoyed christmas. :)

betha_boo 2:32 PM  

Oh annie,
I can so identify with your christmas. Every year my family picks three movies and watches them in one night...this year we picked the muppets christmas carol, scrooged, and the original christmas carol...

we watched about half of the muppets, and quit. it sucked. And the weird part is, it did not feel AT all like christmas after that. Maybe we tried to force the holiday spirit...and it was feeling rebellious or something...


happy new year, and i hope you have a hoot this month.
hey...what about niagara falls and malkie and everyone else!?!?!?!