Sunday, December 04, 2005


Hey, what's up? So I'm sitting here at Mary Anne and Jordan's.... starving. I am pretty dang hungry right now. Tonight we're going to this Indian restaurant for Jordy's birthday. Great fun.

So, like, I have no idea what to talk about right now. This is going to be a guilty post, because I feel like I have to keep posting about SOMETHING. But then I get writer's block as soon as I try and post. I always think of interesting things to talk about when I'm away from the computer. Not that I'm always thinking of stuff to post about. Not at all actually. I just have random interesting thoughts. Well, possibly only interesting to me.

OK, the other night I went to the Opera. Interesting time. Lots of elderly proper-looking couples. I think that I was maybe one of 4 people there my age. That's a complete guess, just so you know... I really have no clue. I just didn't see that many people my age. But it was an interesting night. I had a dream about a week after going to the opera that I could sing like CRAZY, like those crazy soprano singers. As I was waking up I was thinking to myself... "Yep.... I can definitely join the opera if I want to. I can definitely sing really well" ... And then I woke up fully, and realized I was a complete idiot because I really cannot sing like that at all.

Yeah, so what else? What else? I.... uh..... like ....... stuff. I bought bread last week. It was awesome.

Talk to you later


betha_boo 1:38 PM  

mmm...bread! this feels like such a tease...i am like 20 min away from you right now. I was gonna pop on by and say hello, but it is christmas i did not.

miss you. keep posting a-boot shtuff kay.


oh yeah, it turns out that James' definition of 'internship' is as follows:

internship: school of ministry

that is right, you PAY to go and learn things about church...

i passed on that one. thanks though

notorphanannie 9:11 PM  


oh well...

i guess that's how it goes, usually, in those types of things!!

hope you had a shweeeeet christmas.