Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Well well well, I'm Back.

So very recently I encountered my friend CLAIRE'S blog. It has inspired me to keep doing this........ I think it's been months. Oh well, I have an excuse... I've fallen into the evil world of Myspacing. Kind of pathetic and emo, but hey, I like it anyway. But I always feel pressure to be shallow and to never post any of my thoughts.

So... here I am again.

Not that my thoughts are all that interesting/deep.... oh well.

Today is freaking hot. It doesn't matter though, because the majority of my days are spent in a very air-conditioned office. Sometimes it's too cold in there, with all the central-air action. It's pretty amazing. I almost fell over when I left for the day and was hit in the face with a wall of heat.

Last night I had the strangest experience. I usually sleep really well on monday nights so right around midnight I went to bed, expecting to just drop off. I listened to some music on my ipod right before I tried to actually fall asleep, and for some reason I was drawn to sad, instrumental music.... and before I knew it, I was bawling my eyes out. I'm still not even sure why. I cried and cried and cried... I even had to sit up in bed I was crying so hard. I can't even fully explain how spastically I was crying. I am not even a cry-er! Well, apparently I might be. But it was still really strange. After that I couldn't get to sleep for a good 2 hours. What is wrong with me???

Ok, maybe that's enough sharing for now.


Sonya 9:54 PM  

Hey Annie! I saw your comment on Tennille's blog and zipped over here to your blog! I've been reading some of your archives and am completely hooked. :) Good to see that you're still alive, doing well and looking great!

Tennille 5:02 AM  

Hey girl,
Well, I mean, come on, a woman reserve's her right to vent, and sometimes it comes out in bursts of tears, and others rage (depending on if your pms-ing or not) At least that's my opinion.