Thursday, November 23, 2006

posting and how i suck at it.

wow, ok, i SUCK at posting. i will give the reasons for this:

A) I am addicted to myspace.
B) I am addicted to facebook.
C) I am addicted to Youtube.

Any questions?

anyway, seriously. what is new with me? ok - my brother just took off for BC again, but only until christmas... I think... i will be going to BC for christmas too as my precious job allows a precious week off for the holidays. it will be enjoyable.
so, the living situation will be AWESOME, because now it's only val, dan and i. we all pretty much get along. ian was a difficult one... you know those knee injuries and how they mess with your temper.

also ... we got a kitten. his name is george michael. Here he is.

while i'm posting photos... here is one of my housemates and i at a recent halloween costume party.... it's ian, val, dan and me. as you can see, we're incredibly cool... possibly the MOST cool.

by the way, we're dressed as a flight crew... ian is the pilot, val and i are flight attendants and dan is our air-traffic controller.

alright, that's all i got. i'm going to go read now... and then later enjoy a beautiful, luscious starbucks latte with my good friend mary anne.


Sonya 9:41 PM  

Holy moly! I thought you had left the planet or something. Yay! Annie's still alive!

Tennille 2:42 AM  

That is the best joint halloween effort I've seen yet! Good on you guys! I must confess, I'm beginning to join the myspace craze. (