Monday, October 23, 2006


work can be so sweet.
today an elderly lady was so grateful that i booked her husband a sooner appointment that she cried and called me an angel.
and i thought i was just doing my job.
sometimes things that i take for granted surprise me and make me realize how much impact i really do have in people's lives.

i go through stages where i can't stand people... sorry, but it's true... whether it's because i'm stressed out or just too introverted, i'm not sure - but it is sometimes just the case.
but then i go through other stages where my eyes are opened and i see how beautiful people really are and how much love there is around me.

i am fasting right now so i feel weak. i think lying down would be a good idea.


Tennille 7:56 PM  

Aw, that's so sweet. Although people don't really understand how much of an impact kindness from someone in the medical field is until you've been thru a lot of trauma in that regard. It definately gives you a little bit of hope for that day.