Friday, October 13, 2006

clint eastwood

when do colds frigging GO AWAY? i've had this one for too long. ok, maybe a week, but a week too long. my nose won't let me breathe. i can't smell or taste. seriously.

tomorrow i think i will be painting my living room. right now it is a mild yellow, or maybe even a moderately bright yellow, but it will soon be tan. or even a light brown. or a moderate brown. the point is - it will be brownish.
we are basically decorating our living room around this picture:

PS - it's gonna be amazing.

i am going to go take some cold medication...
bye for now!



Tennille 3:11 AM  

Sweet! Clint Eastwood is great center focus for any room.
Sorry you have a cold. i hate colds! Mainly b/c you don't feel bad enough to stay home, but you feel like crap when you go out. SO FRUSTRATING!

notorphanannie 11:58 AM  

that is so true. i was at work for every single shift this week, but i felt so out of it. blahhhhhhhhh.