Friday, September 22, 2006


hey, so things are going well.........

i got a raise this week at work..... almost $2.00...... VERY much needed. and totally out of the blue.... so, things are looking up. i'm happy about my finances at the moment, which is saying a lot because this past year has been the most brutal.

other than that.... i'm fricken' freezing right now... the weather just took a very cold turn. my hands are actually too cold for me to be typing very well at all. it is slow going. on the last day of summer (2 days ago) me and val were all bundled up in scarves and coats, walking briskly down the street chanting "it's still summer it's still summer it's still summer" so we would feel better. it didn't work.

in other news... i watched that newish gymnastics movie, "stick it" the other night. pretty boring. EVEN THOUGH it was made by the people who made "bring it on", which surprisingly, is one of my top 20 favorite movies. (by the way i JUST decided that i have a top-20 list of movies although i have no clue what the others would be, really) anyway.... it was a disappointment, even probably for girls who are obsessed with gymnastics because there wasn't even all that much gymnastics in the movie. oh well!

alright..... it's officially too cold to type. catch ya'll later.


Tennille 1:48 PM  

ok seriously now, it's been long enough. I'm even updating more then you. ;o)