Thursday, September 14, 2006


i just got back from, like, the MALL. i went to H&M, which was cool cuz i've never been before .... and i bought some cute shirts.... and a purse.... and some pants. it was alright. shopping is kind of tiring though, i always forget that and then end up having to drag myself out of the store in a dazed stupor.

right now i am eating cinnamon hearts.... yessssssssss. bulk barn. that place will kill me though. so much evil junk food. so much...... SO MUCH. i can't handle it. i buy so much candy. it's awful.

anyway, things are going well here....... not too much to report.... kind of boring. but i'm having fun and that's what counts?

ok, later.


Tennille 4:07 AM  

Cinnamon hearts, now aren't those a blast from the past. I love those things.

Sonya 10:55 AM  

Nothing like a little retail therapy! You need to post some pics of your purchases.