Monday, September 04, 2006

i have something to admit.... i looooooooove autumn. this summer has gone by so fast and has been so un-summery that i basically can't wait for all the things fall has to offer. plus my birthday is in october. anyway, the highlite of all of this is the pumpkin spice latte at starbucks. this is something i look forward to every year. i can't wait to bake pumpkin pies too.... and go for fall hikes... and to take pictures outside..... all that fun stuff. i love how the daylight seems to take on a clear, softly tinted look... like an old photograph. everything seems more romantic in the fall.

val wants me to talk about her on here. actually she just changed her mind and thinks that i should have a rant about what "really grinds my gears", a la family guy..... and how my landlord and his wife are here.... and about how i need a belt... and about how my room is nice and neat.... and about how when val comes home she's bringing home made pickles back.... and about how her bed is held together right now by a bungee cord... and about how i really like water..... and about how she is going back to school on thursday.

anyway i think i'm done on here.... i really hate trying to think of stuff to type about right now


Sonya 10:09 AM  

I like the fall too, just not right now. I'm still clinging to the remnants of summer and wishing it could go on for a little longer. Once fall has arrived however, I enjoy it fully...the colored leaves, pumpkin pie, cooking in my oven instead of the barbecue, hot baths before bed...all the little things that make it fall.

Tennille 6:48 AM  

Fall is definately my first choice when it comes to seasons. The colors, the crisp weather, cool jackets, and shoes. Not to mention I don't have to rake leaves anymore, that's why we pay a strata....haha ha