Friday, September 01, 2006


yep, i have 'em. i have issues. certain issues have been popping up lately, rearing their ugly heads... which is sort of why i have been avoiding posting on here as consistenty as i was before. i'm physically weak these days and kind of in my own strange little world. yeah, i can be more specific... i have been dealing with eating issues for years but more recently the eating has been more of an acute issue. i've been going to the hospital and getting help there which is good.... there's an eating disorder clinic there. very convenient. very close to my house. i had to go for quite the long meeting the other day with some people there which was a bit hard but in the end kind of good. i'll be starting group therapy soon and will be seeing a dietician this coming week... blahhhhhhh. it's kind of scary. i feel like i have to say it's going to be good but i am pretty much just scared at this point. anyway, yes, it's "going to be good".

so that's where i'm at these days.... sort of a serious post..... sorry... but i kind of thought that i'd keep people up to speed. even though i think that only about 4 or 5 people i know read this? haha. oh well.

i love you guys!


Sonya 1:02 AM  

I'll be saying a prayer or 2 for you. It'll all turn out ok. :)

The Ken 10:04 AM  

Hey Annie,

It's really positive that you're talking about this, cos so often I reckon it's the secrecy and that sort of thing that makes it ten times worse than it really is. Not that I know much about eating disorders in particular but I see some similarity to stuff I've been through myself.

Take it easy and keep writing. Your blog's pretty amusing.

Bless you!

Tennille 11:14 PM  

I'm proud of ya hun. I know the whole pressure of looking at it positively can be hard, hence the "it's going to be good" thing, but that's why it's future tense as opposed to present or past. It might not be "good" or easy right now, but it WILL be.