Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do I always need a title?

Wow... so I leave blogspot for awhile, attempt to log in again months later and find that blogspot is apparently a Google thing now?

Google is taking over the world.

Anyway... lately I have been hit with the urge to post some public blog stuff again. I have a private blog that I spill EVERYTHING on, and after awhile, though it feels cleansing at the time, it is a lonely and boring experience.

AND, everytime I read other people's blogs I feel the urge to reinvent myself... that might be unhealthy... but the urge to reinvent myself makes me want to post more often, which is indirectly a good thing. Because posting is good.

Hmmm... that may have possibly made little to no sense, but that is okay.

I am eating pizza! It is spicy, and covered with mushrooms, and perhaps chicken. I am really not quite sure what sort of meat it is. But it's tasty.

I'm going to go watch Lost now.