Sunday, March 25, 2007

frigging camera cord!

argghhhh. i STILL can't find ian's blasted camera cord, and i am frust-er-ATED. i looked everywhere just now, quite similarly to how i looked everywhere earlier today and also looked everywhere last night. apparently it was just sitting in this room, untouched, and now it is completely gone.


so i've been thinking a lot about school lately. i had planned, somewhat vaguely, to go to mcmaster next year for psychology. it seemed like the most logical choice because i do not have a car and mcmaster university is just a short bus ride away. i've been thinking a lot though about how i really don't like the idea of going to mcmaster. a few years ago i tried my darnedest to move to guelph because i liked the town and wanted to live there. the plan didn't end up working for a bunch of uninteresting reasons. now, i've been told that the university of guelph has a renowned criminology program and i have always wanted to study criminology, even more than just broad psychology. even though it will be tricky and much more expensive, maybe i should think about going to guelph. it will have to be after this year unfortunately because of the $$$ situation, but i am seriously considering it as an option now.

so last night i tried the soy latte at starbucks - and LOVED it! i think i like it even better than regular milk-y lattes. i had a chai-tea latte, and it was delicious. i will definitely order it again. this is great news for my dairy-less-ness.

today i have had a massive headache. it started last night during the watching of the movie 'super troopers' (HILARIOUS by the way... i watched it twice yesterday) and it plagued me all during the night as i tried to sleep and it is continuuing to plague me now. i am thinking that it could be fading, which is excellent, so my hope is that it will be completely gone tomorrow morning when i have to go to work.
stupid pain killers are barely even touching it... i am not a fan of that. not a fan at all.

maybe later if i find the camera cord i will edit this post and add the new-haircut picture.

however, after all this build-up, the picture is really not all that interesting and the viewing of it will probably be somewhat anticlimactic. oh well.


Claire 11:19 PM  

wait! what kind of cord? bc I have one and I don't use it anymore. Like a shutter release cord?

Annie 12:44 AM  

i was looking for the cord to plug into the computer to transfer pictures.... but you have a shutter release cord? i would love to try one of those!