Saturday, March 24, 2007

yo soy a new fan of soy

so i've been trying to find my brother's camera cord in order to upload a recent photo of my chopped hair.... but sadly, the cord remains stubbornly missing. i hate that. when things are missing.

hopefully i'll find it soon... photos make blogs so much more interesting, don't you think?

last night i went to a fundraiser at the freeway cafe called 'feed the bus'. a few people i know from church were playing in one of the bands (there were 3 bands) and let me tell you, my friends' band was awesome. 2 of the guys dressed up in hippie wigs and sunglasses, looking very authentically 1960s, which made it all the better because they played a lot of blues-y classic rock. song examples: foxey lady, cocaine, hard to handle, etc. great stuff.

ian, val and i walked home from the cafe after and we had to walk past this club, and all these people were waiting outside smoking and stuff. There was a lone guy with a cheap little keyboard sitting against the wall singing random lyrics while plinking away on the keyboard. it was amazing. his skills were amazing. especially his spontaneous lyric skills. example:

(imagine the keyboard plinking constantly)

i wanted to try out for canadian idol (plink plink)
but apparently (plink plink)
you have to be a canadian citizen (plink plink)

well anyway, it was pretty funny at the time.

i'm going to starbucks pretty soon with mary anne and jordan... i am almost DYING for a latte. i have been wanting one intensely for a few days and the only good-ish coffee shop in the area is 2nd cup, and for some reason i am really not a big fan of 2nd cup. i need a STARBUCKS latte.

lately i have been avoiding wheat and dairy. i have had chronic headaches and stomach pains for years and years, and recently i've been hearing all this stuff about how wheat/dairy can cause these problems. so, i'm giving it a try. i'm on day 2 and my stomach is already feeling better, although that may just be in my head. but i'm excited to try something different.

therefore, tonight - SOY latte. i've never had one and i am a bit excited and even possibly a bit scared. i tried soy cheese when i was younger and thought it was disgusting. hopefully this experience will be better.

happy saturday everyone!


Valeria 11:00 PM  

Haha I know you wrote this a week ago but that keyboarder was 'da bomb! hahaha we laughed very hard about that! I wonder if he took his citizenship test and passed he would get accepted to Canadian Idol? (Probably YES)