Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nite-Time Thots

today i went to starbucks with mary anne and ian and a funny thing happened. (i'm getting to be an all-out starbucks junkie... i was also there yesterday with claire) this lady ahead of us in line left her keys on the counter and almost left without them. the funny part? she had an attachment on her keys that said "Keys That I Haven't Lost Yet". it was awesome.

last night i had another batch of insomnia-induced random thoughts.

some middle-of-the-night conclusions i came to:

1. it would really suck to be a step-mother.

2. the fetal position is really comfortable.

3. i really can't afford to move to guelph next year.

4. being a photographer is not a novelty anymore. almost everyone either is a photographer or is closely related to someone who is a photographer.

5. people who call wednesday "hump day" are sort of loser-ish and i am vaguely annoyed by them.

6. i REALLY use the word "really" way too often. really.

right now i am missing the leafs game. if they lose this game they will apparently not go to the play-offs. they are winning right now and i am getting yelled at because i'm missing the excitement.


ariane 2:13 PM  

I did it. Be fruitful and multiple.

Luke 11:07 AM  

let's go rangers!

Annie 11:12 AM  

i spit on the new york rangers!

ps - you have a blog? the address doesn't work when i click on it...