Wednesday, March 28, 2007


well, here i am in the stock of wood.... meaning woodstock. woodstock, ontario, not the famed woodstock of the late-1960's drugged-out hippiedom.

i'm here hanging out with the 'rents. mom and i are going on a "book crawl" tomorrow in london. how cool are we? going to used book stores and buying tons of shabby old books? pretty DANG cool. but seriously, it's the best. i love looking for one-of-a-kind books sold for super-cheap prices. the most awesome random stuff is out there waiting to be bought by me. tomorrow.

i like being here. mom makes the meals which is an amazing thing. eating at a TABLE is an amazing thing. i feel like i'm being waited on. i really took this all for granted when i actually lived at home. we just finished our barbecue dinner... the first barbecue of the season. dee-lish. i am now drinking minty herbal tea which is nice. later we will continue our Lost marathon... almost to the end of season 1. it's funny because mom and art have seen it already and are watching it again just because i haven't yet seen it.... and art is always accidently giving away too many plot details and mom is always shrieking at him to stop talking. i just sit there and enjoy the drama.

right now i'm all freaking torn up about my future. my educational future, that is. i have a ton of options, and problems and good things with each one. guelph or mcmaster? this year or next year? stay in town or commute? move after first year? do first year by correspondance while saving up to move for 2nd year? go to school and work at night to save for a car to move to guelph next year and drive wherever i want whenever i want? ahhhhhhhhhhh. god help me.

in closing, i have a suggestion to all of you:

go to bulk barn. go there right now. it is excellent. healthy snacks or unhealthy snacks, it doesn't matter, all are available to you, in massive bulk quantities for cheap prices. you will be pleased.

PS - my respect for you will rise 90-95% if you comment on my posts. i don't like to feel like i'm typing to no one (i also don't like to beg... but here i am)

:) :) :)


ariane 11:23 PM  

and you didn't/ aren't even visiting me :O. I'm sad now.

Anonymous 1:31 AM  

We drank at work tonight. It was both stupid and fantastic.

Annie 8:31 AM  

shoot.... caught red-handed. it is true, ariane, we are going to london. i am sorry. i assumed you would be busy with class. but you know what "assuming" does....

heh. heh.

anyway, call my mom's cell phone if you're free before 2... we're leaving basically NOW to get there early.

Claire 11:17 PM're funny. like, really funny. and I will go to bulkbarn damnit! sounds amazing.