Thursday, March 29, 2007


so, today mom and i londoned-it-up. it was a pretty good time. i've never really BEEN to london before... once to pick up ariane, at night... and once to get a tire fixed. i was amazed at how cool the city actually is. it was like a mini vancouver, with starbucks everywhere and lots of cool shops and restaurants. london is apparently smaller than hamilton but you would never know it based on what it looks like and how cool the downtown is.

we went to a few book stores and then i went in search of a starbucks to get my fix. i waited in line and then ordered my latte, and the girl looked very apologetic and told me they were out of soy (!!!), even though the barista's "suggested drink of the day" was an iced soy chai latte. dang! it was all redeemed in the end, though, when she gave me a free drink coupon to use at any starbucks.

i bought a pretty random selection of books. one agatha christie, a biography on timothy leary, a historical non-fiction about the salem witch trials, a couple of crime fiction novels for my brother and a couple books about a woman who works with emotionally disturbed children. i spent wayyy too much on old books but i think it will turn out to be worth it. i'm already reading the salem witch book and it is really interesting.

humerous moment of the day: after dinner, as i was sweeping the kitchen floor, mom said "our floor is perfect... it's the exact same colour as dirt. you don't have to sweep as often."

ha ha.



Anonymous 1:34 AM  

I love random books. We have this thing called "Book Crossing" at the box office, and there are all these books with stamps on the inside. The whole premise is to take a book, read it, and put it somewhere totally random, with the hopes that someone will pick it up and go on the site and register the book. And then you get to see how it travels. Only ... the 2 books I've taken, I've never randomly dropped off anywhere b/c I liked them. Haha.

Oh ... I made a link to your blog, in my blog. Hope you don't mind. :) I'm sure Gina will read your blog and be entertained.

Annie 10:11 AM  

hey, the link idea is fine with me - and once i figure out how to DO that, i will add a link on here to your blog.

any easy way to do that other than messing around with html?

Chris Jones 3:09 PM  

That's so cool Annie - if I had more time I would be a book store lurker.

Claire 11:21 PM  

html? pardon? I think you meant hotmail. You're so funny. Psh.
So...I'm sitting at home now when you and MaryAnn (and Val?) are at your place. Why? I don't want to get into it--but it sucks. That's for damn sure.

Annie 12:45 AM  

actually, i meant html, as in "hyper text markup language".

woooo, that made me sound smart. ish.

tell me, why didn't you hang out with us? and why did your night suck? we shall talk, tomorrow.

Mandie 10:09 PM  

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Starbucks soy lattes are my favourite, and I would be upset if they were out of soy too.
In regards to your mother's comment - mine would say the exact same thing. Everything in our house seems to be the same colour as our dog :o)

ariane 12:20 AM  

the synth rocks. really. and so does london I'm glad you enjoyed it. I live whatevs. I am real good at html. watch I really hope this works Or I might look like a fool.
Man. Computer science really pays off sometimes.

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: < o l > blogger jerk. It won't let me work my fancery.

ariane 12:22 AM  

also... your blog reminds me of the aspidistra flies. beautiful sawng by stars. you'd like. "all the umbrellas in london couldn't hide my love for you.