Saturday, March 31, 2007


i don't usually like to post on here unless i have had some sort of inspiration. i can't really think of anything right now but still feel the urge to blog. hmmmmmmm.

yesterday mary anne, jordan, val, ian and i went to boston pizza to celebrate ian's 21st (on sunday). it was pretty fun. ian told hilarious tales of working as a telemarketer. an example (in ian's words):

"i was really tired and it was the end of the day... my brain was numb, so i wasn't thinking very clearly. at the end of each call we're supposed to say 'thank you and have a great day', but i said............ 'i THINK you have a great day, now'. the guy on the line was silent for about 3 seconds before i realized what i said."

ohhhhhhh man i laughed for about 10 minutes.

this is ian and jordan (fake drunk shot) at boston pizza.

val, mary anne and i.
afterwards, at my house, mary anne and jordan felt the urge to pose for a cheesy sears shot with george michael.
while i'm in a frenzy of posting pictures, here is one of me kissing george michael as he tries to lean away from me:

anyway... enough pictures.
tonight i'm going to see little caed at her skating show... should be super cute. little kids performing are the BEST.

well, i'm off to do some other saturday-ish stuff like cleaning up etc.

have a good one!


Mandie 10:17 PM  

I commented on the post previous to this one, but that was before I read some of your other posts.

I don't eat wheat and dairy. I am becoming a Starbucks junkie. I also go to Guelph. Come here, it's amazing!

Annie 11:17 PM  

crazy! crazy.

yes - i really want to go to guelph... i hope i can figure all that out because their website really confuses me. haha.

rosinator 6:45 PM  

ahahha! since you used your msn name as an advertisment for your blog, I can e-stalk you. Goodbye private-blog life.

Annie 7:06 PM  

well hello, ross!
yeah... that's okay, because this isn't really meant to be private anyway.

by the way, i hear you're a geophysicist. is this true?!